Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a new plan for doors

those of you who read earlier posts know that we would love love love to have these doors for our bedroom

well as it turns out, these are really expensive, really really expensive.
my husband tells me that just by adding the bamboo option to the panes, i tacked on an extra $1000. i'm not sure that it made THAT much of a difference,
but anyway i saw the quote.

so we are working on a new plan. brandon will be creating them using solid core doors and an option from 3Form

these are a couple of the options we are looking at.

i think this material could also be fun in our bathroom somewhere...when we get to that part of the remodel.

this photo more closely demonstrates what brandon will be doing in the construction of the door. i love the handles on these doors.
i'm pretty sure we have settled on sliding doors though

poke around their site... oh you'll have some ideas...3Form

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silvercocoon said...

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