Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time to clamp down

Though I am finished with the construction of the benches (primer and sealer are yet to be finished due to aesthetic conflict over stain) I figured I would post some photos of the process. Above you'll see the base assembly after being pegged and glued. Though the pegs are strong enough I used glue to give it a little something extra. (Sort of like the jalapenos in Art Director's guacamole!) Below you'll seer the front and back of the base before final base assembly.

Since the benches are 3 feet wide I had to assemble the tops from three separate pieces of 1" wood using dowels. It worked well but not as great as I would have thought. Much sanding was done to make the top as seamless as possible.

The final step of the assembly process was attaching the top to the base after a preliminary sanding. I flipped the top over on to the workbench and then placed the base upside down on top of that. I carefully marked out the base and the aligned the holes for the placement of 1/4" pegs. As you can see I glued, clamped and pegged the top to the base and let it set for 24 hours before doing another rough sanding.

Here I have gathered all three benches for in a mock set up of how they would lay out in our dining room. If you look carefully you'll see the beginnings of the table tops resting carefully on top.

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