Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Base! How low can you go?

The base of the new bench has been assembled and I am currently working on the platform for shoes located beneath the bench top. Above is a pic of the base in construction. I utilized my previous method for construction with pegs and glue. I seem to be adverse to using anything but wood and glue. The legs are 18" high each and I used a regular handsaw and 3/4" chisel to notch out the tops to slide the 1"x 2" piece of oak through with 2 pegs each. Previously when drilling the 1/4" holes for the 1/4" pegs I used a regular drill bit but this time I decided to use a 1/4" spade bit instead. My reasoning was that with the drill bit the pegs were very snug and difficult to insert so I went with the spade bit which bores out the holes. It made it very easy for the pegs to slide in and a bit loose making the base not as solid or stable. I adjusted and learned my lesson. No more spade bits. Tomorrow I'll post the pics of the next phase of the bench assembly. Thanks and check back soon.

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Zack said...

Nice headline! "Bring Da Noise"