Wednesday, November 28, 2007

rug temptation

until the destruction actually begins (yes. i know you are dying to see demolition photos), i'm going to have to continue with my decorating blather.

with the addition of hard wood(grass) floors, we will need some rugs to protect the floors from furniture or as i see opportunity to add more color.

jonathan adler rugs are always a temptation (if i had the money) and then today i had news of a sale in my in box...

this one would be great in the bedroom

and i would love this one in the hallway

The sale:
Spend $150 - save $20
Spend $250 - save $40
Spend $350 - save $60
Spend $450 - save $80
Spend $550 - save $100

Enter code holidaylicious upon checkout, offer expires 12/31/07
jonathan adler

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