Sunday, November 25, 2007

The "Vanilla Box" Syndrome

I was speaking with a rep from Green Building Supply Co. who is getting specs on 1/2" Cork underlayment. The underlayment comes in 2'x 3' sheets and can be glued down after the application of an appropriate primer for sealing the subfloor. The bamboo can then be glued down on top of the cork using an environmentally friendly adhesive from Bostik. In the meantime I was checking out some possible cork alternatives on line and I thought that Cork might be a unique option for a finished floor in the bathroom or laundry. The laundry room might be a better option since unlike the rest of our condo with it's open timber ceiling, the laundry has a sheetrocked ceiling. A finished cork floor will add contrast in our laundry room, which can best be described as a "vanilla box". (A term carpenters like to use when describing a room or building with white walls, floor and ceiling.)

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