Tuesday, December 11, 2007

wall coverings

for quite some some time i've been struggling with wallpaper being back in style.
sometimes for just a moment, i think "that looks really cool". i've even considered buying and framing some of it. there are some really cool patterns out there.

carpenter and I stayed at a hotel in Brooklyn this weekend.
they had a product on the walls i've been considering.

hotel le bleu

this product is one of my favorite. i had completely settled on a paint color
for my dining room and now i'm thinking one wall in this could be fun. plus it's environmentally friendly–made of bamboo paper pulp.

maybe a cool gray on one wall and this on the other...
available at inhabit


silvercocoon said...

we have some of these tiles left over from a project ... in the INDUSTRY-pattern and the leafy-pattern (that they no longer show on their website).....let me know if you are interested in either pattern...
ps. we have the INDUSTRY in our living room....

Danielle said...

thanks chicka. good to know!
it's so fun to finally have a place to use these things i've been looking at forever. it's not really an option when you're renting...