Thursday, December 20, 2007

i love patterns!

for our dining room, our plan is to build some benches in an L shape for seating
(more details later). i would like the benches to be deep for more of a lounge feel, since we are definitely not the formal dining room type.

i recently started looking at fabric patterns and i'm all over the place.
here a just a few. i'm not sure i've found "the" fabric, but there are
some good ones here.

click on image to view larger...

the patterns in the first couple groups are what i would typically go for... all fabrics available at jcarolinecreative

these are all available at contemporary cloth

but i'm open to some others...

available at jcarolinecreative

available here contemporary cloth

available at jcarolinecreative

all available at repro depot

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