Sunday, November 9, 2008

cushion love

Our dining room cushions are finished! Actually they have been finished for a bit, but I'm just getting around to sharing.

There are actually 3 cushions covered in Marimekko fabric. We have a family friend that is just great at sewing anything. (I'm very envious.)

On the back wall (the longest wall) the cushions are 3 ft deep. Our plan is to line the whole wall with large pillows. I want the fabric to be upholstery fabric again. I just need to decide on colors and patterns for all the pillows. We have a little fabric left over. Plus I want to do solid black, solid red and then add another pattern with an additional color I'm also considering adding a long, black square bolster along the back on the long cushions.

The benches are super fabulous. My hubby made them and we decided to paint them black. It just brings everything together more.

He made the tables also and I love them! I don't love the stain color though. The stain I picked out was pretty light and pretty neutral but when he went to stain them the color was completely different. It actually looked gray...silvery gray. Very weird. We were in a crunch since we were having people over. Carpenter decided at the last minute to stain them the color of our trim, which is the color of our floor and very close to the color of our timber ceiling. A bit much...So the tables will already be getting a makeover.

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